Solar Domestic Hot Water

The sun is by far the most abundant energy source available to us on earth. The energy, in the form of solar radiation, arriving on the earth’s surface in 40 minutes is the equivalent of the power used by the entire population of earth in one year.

Solar water heating is one of the most practical and effective ways in which we can use and enjoy renewable energy in our homes.

There is a widely held pre-conceived mis-conception that the UK does not have enough sunshine to make solar hot water plausible. The Meteorological Office has been recording solar data for the last 30 years and in fact parts of the UK have annual solar radiation levels equal to 60% of those experienced at the equator. That part of the UK is us down here in Cornwall.

A correctly installed Solar Domestic Hot Water system  could provide up to 70% of your annual household hot water requirements. Meaning your reliance on costly and damaging fossil fuels would be greatly reduced.

If you would like further information or would like to discuss the possibilities of integrating renewable energy into your home or work place, please feel free to give us at Horizon a call. 

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